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1 a person who is regarded as easygoing and agreeable
2 informal terms referring to a domestic cat [syn: kitty, kitty-cat, puss, pussy]

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Pussycat is a common term for a Cat.
Pussycat may also refer to:
pussycat in Swedish: Pussycat

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Cheshire cat, Chinchilla cat, Maltese cat, Miss America, alley cat, bathing beauty, beau ideal, beaut, beauty, beauty contest winner, beauty queen, belle, blue cat, brick, bunny, calico cat, cat, charmer, cover girl, crackerjack, dazzler, doll, dream, enchantress, feline, gib, gib-cat, good Joe, good egg, good guy, great beauty, grimalkin, house cat, kit, kitling, kitten, kitty, kitty-cat, knockout, lady fair, likely lad, looker, model, mouser, nice guy, no slouch, paragon, peach, pinup, pinup girl, puss, pussy, raving beauty, reigning beauty, sex kitten, silver cat, slick chick, stout fellow, stunner, tabby, tabby cat, tiger cat, tom, tomcat, tortoise-shell cat, trump
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